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KI-ACF Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

KI-ACF Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

General Information:

The KI-ALF Series is Kahan's automatic capsule filling range of machines which are capable of filling various dosage forms including powders, granules, pellets, tablets, and capsules. All contact parts made of SS316 and other pharma approved material for ease of cleaning and validation. 

The automatic model consist of KI-ALF25, KIALF40, KI-ALF90 and KI-ALF120 variations with maximum output of 1,20,000 capsules per hour.  it features an easy-to-operate touchscreen, independent control panel, auto shutdown in case of malfunctions, and many more.  Its robust design provides durability while providing accessibility to ease cleaning and validation. The KI-ALF series is capable of filling any HGC and HPMC (Veg) capsules of sizes ranging from 000 to 5.



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