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KI-SLOF Semi automatic Overflow Filling Machine

General Information:

Our offered Semi-automatic Pressure Overflow Filler is typically used in consumer packaging applications where a consistent visual (cosmetic) fill level is required. The desired product to be filled is held in a stainless steel reservoir, then pumped into a manifold to disperse product to each of your filling nozzles. Once the product reaches your desired cosmetic fill level in each bottle, excess product or foam overflows back to the reservoir. Advantages of the Overflow Filler include even fill levels, variable pressure pump speed control (to reduce foam), and ease of operation.The versatile KI-SLOF machines are well rounded fillers able to accommodate a wide variety of container shapes and types, such as rigid plastic, metal, or glass. These machines can handle fill sizes from ounces to gallons/ ml to liters for a number of products like vegetable oil, juice, cleaners, or any other free flowing liquid.

In Semi-automatic machines, one operator is occupied to upto 4 head machines and 2 operators are occupied in 8 head machines. The Process follows as placement of the empty bottle, foot switch is pressed, heads lower into bottles, Variable speed pump starts filling with overflow returning to the supply tank as bottles are filled, After filling pump stops to relieve pressure, heads moves up to their start position, filled bottles are removed.

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