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KI-ALTF60 Automatic Single Head Linear Tube Filling Machine

Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine is one of the best-selling product in pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic industries with an output of 60 tubes per minute. These model in suitable to medium scale as well as developed companies with greater outputs without any breakdown. The Piston block filler gives an accurate filling in each tube with a technology of No Tube No Fill system to results in no spillage on the machine. This model is suitable for Laminated/Plastic as well as Aluminium tubes with 24 linear stations in total. We can also provide combo arrangement of Laminate/Plastic tubes as well as Aluminium tubes increasing up to 30 stations in total.

The machine is designed as per international standards which are worldwide accepted keeping all safety measures in mind. Machines are designed by well-trained engineers which result in hassle proof operation with minimum breakdowns.


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