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Tube Filling Machine KI-ARTF40

Tube Filling Machine KI-ARTF40

General Information:

Kahan International's tube fillers fill products in cylindrical metal / laminate / plastic(seamless) tubes and close it absolutely safely and symmetrically. 4 models, in capacities ranging from 30 to 120 tubes / minute are available to meet today’s tube packaging demands. KI-ARTF40 is the automatic model with an output of 40 tubes per minute. A variety of viscous and semi-viscous products are handled, like ointment, cosmetics, toothpaste, cream/gel, adhesive, chocolate, sealant, mayonnaise and many more. Quick, easy & efficient changeover is the leading attribute of the machines, which helps in responding to the faster-time-to-market age we live in. The optional equipment available with the machines adds to the versatility.

Machines are designed and constructed by qualified engineers with good quality material and components which gives best quality output and least breakdowns.


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