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KI-ARC Automatic Ropp Capping Machine

General Information:

Many customers ask us what ROPP is and the simple answer is Roll On Pilfer Proof closure.  Simply put it is an unthreaded aluminium shell that is placed on and pressed down onto the bottle neck while thread forming wheels spin around the shell and press against it to conform to the existing threads of the bottle and locking ring. In many respects a ROPP capper resembles a chuck capper although since it is not torqueing a cap there is no clutch mechanism required.  The neck and threads of the bottle must also be hard enough to withstand the pressure required to form threads such as glass or hard plastic. We offer motorized operated fully automatic Ropp capping machines starting from single head followed by four head, six head and eight head models. In automatic machines, the bottles are loaded on conveyor manually at entry and all other process of filling will be done automatically. If needed, conveyors of both filling and capping machine can be attached so bottles after filling will be transferred automatically from filling conveyor to capping conveyor. The speed of capping machine can be synchronized as per the speed of filling machine with the help of Variable Speed drive. Some bottles are given worm feed entry with the help of which the bottles are loaded into star plate with timing at high speed. We can also Synchronize Turn Tables and Collection tables at start and end of the capping machines if needed.

We can offer any customization in the machine as per the requirement of the customers. Machines are designed and constructed by qualified engineers with good quality material and components which gives best quality output and least breakdowns.


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