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KI-SCF Semi automatic Capsule Filling Machine

KI-SCF Semi automatic Capsule Filling Machine

General Information:

Semi automatic capsule filling machines are widely used in developed companies where the requirement of production of capsules to be filled is around 1 lakh or more quantity per day. We provide a complete cGMP model high Degree of automation with higher levels of filling weight accuracy. There are two models available bifurcated based on the speed required which ranges from 20,000 capsules per hour to 30,000 capsules per hour. One is single loader model and another is double loader model. Speed and efficiency in double loader model are bit higher compared to single loader model. In these models, the loading of capsules, powder filling of capsules and locking of capsules are automatic. The operator just needs to operate the position of loading trays from one station to another.

We can offer any customization in semi automatic capsule filling machine as per the suitability and requirement of the customers. This semi automatic capsule filling machine is in great demand and so designed and constructed by qualified engineers with good all SS tested material as per pharma standards which deliver the product with best quality output and least breakdowns.

OUR MODEL: KI-SCF ( Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine )


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