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KI-MIFS Manual Induction Foil Sealing Machine

Induction Sealers are the used to seal a foil on the mouth of a nonmetal bottles/jars which preserves the product freshness, gives a leakproof packaging and also ensures the product is unused and new. In the Induction Sealers, there is no contact of the sealing head to the foil. Wad Foil is used in induction sealers which are inserted either manually into the caps or automatic with the help of automatic wad inserting machine. These wad foils consist of a wad and foil stick to the wad. When Induction sealing is done, the foil from the wad gets stuck to the mouth of the container.  The wad remains inside the cap itself. These sealing is very well finished as the foil size(diameter) is exactly the same as the diameter of the container.

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