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KI-ST Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks also are known as storage vessels are extensively used in all industries to store the material. They are made of high polished stainless steel finish. Kahan International offers a range from lab scale model to a heavy duty model ranges from 10 liters capacity up to 25,000 liters capacity. These tanks are made as per pharmaceutical as well as food grade standards with SS 316 material in contact. High-Quality German make PU wheels with stainless steel body of wheels result in an ease of the movement of the tank from one place to another. 

We can provide hemispherical as well as Conical shapes at the bottom of the tank. Tanks are provided up Inlet as well as Outlet Ball valve with TC nozzles fittings, Lid on the top also provided to cover the material stored inside from the outside dirt. Ball Float Valve, Stirrer, Homogenizer, Level Indicator can also be provided in the tank on request.


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